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The Silent Death

Single-paged Comic

This illustration was created for a specific passage. This comic was discussing about the topic of environmental destructions caused by human activities and its impact on animals' habitats. The illustration showed a passenger pigeon that were lost in the 1890-ish New York City. It was the last of its species, but was unfortunately shot to death due to the abusement of bird hunting at the era. The passage I have based my project on is provided below:

“So the extinction of my species doesn’t just mean the loss of a group of birds. It’s also the disappearance of our language, our rituals, our traditions. It’s the silencing of our voice. Human activity has brought my kind to the brink of extinction, but I don’t blame them for it. They didn’t do it maliciously. They just weren’t paying attention.” - The Great Silence, Ted Chiang

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